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Becoming vegetarian or how did i manage to get that much spices!?!?!

on May 6, 2013

The boyfriend and I became vegetarian last summer. I was not a big cook before but when we made that move, I began to have a sort of relationship with my kitchen. I have my own apartment for over 18 years and you can add all the spices I had during those years but you won’t be as near as what I have in my pantry right now! Vegetarian recipes need lots of spices, let me tell you. But it is soooo good! So after a while I did have to face the problem: how am I going to store that much spices??? 

Right now, I have them in a big bucket in my pantry because, honestly, my old cardboard box cover was not the best….If I had a bigger kitchen it wouldn’t be that much of a problem. But our kitchen is really small and I don’t have lots of storing space so I don’t want to use it for spices. I’ve seen some very interesting ideas and the drawer one is one of the ones I like the most.

Found here
But I don’t have a drawer to sacrificed. Also, I don’t have lots of empty walls to put a rack and the one i have is right over the heat trap and I’m afraid that it could ruin my spices. This one is a really good idea that could fit my kitchen though.
Found here
It’s a cabinet built on one side of her island. We could totaly do that and it would be perfect. A little low for my taste but it would save space without taking the one I already have. But if I had space, here are a few things I would like to have.

Found here
Found here
Found here
Found here
And you, how do you store them?

4 responses to “Becoming vegetarian or how did i manage to get that much spices!?!?!

  1. Meggs says:

    I seriously love the last one, so much!M.

  2. me too! with the drawers for the apples, flour and stuff it makes it look like an old grocery store of some sort. It's very "french", i think.

  3. Nerd Burger says:

    Dude. I now what you mean. Mine are stored in a huge tub on top of the fridge. So impractical but we only have one cupboard in our whole apartment. 😦

  4. I don't know how you deal with only one cupboard!?! It would drive me crazy for sure 😛

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