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The gardening adventures

SO, we finally finished digging the garden emplacement but we realised, last weekend, that it would cost over 200$ to get enough soil to fill it. Not that we don’t have 200$ but we had other plans for this money. So we decided that the garden will wait until next summer. The thing is, I had some veggies already started so I had to plant them. I bought a couple bags of soil and plant them into some plastic bins we had laying around. At the moment, it seems to be ok but we’ll see later on if it’s working.

Of course, it’s not always easy to work when you have this little clown running around you…
We were lucky enough to have some great temperature during the long weekend so I did a couple of horse rides and we had some good time outside.

Back to work tomorrow!

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About squash, geese and hair….

I’m working on a new contract right now so I’m a bit busy. Which means it’s possible that I blog a little less for about 2 months. But in only 3 days I’ve already found some really interesting stuff (I’m an archivist, I work with old papers, photos and stuff like that). I found my grand-father’s name in the minutes of the Board  of directors of an old credit union. So now I know that he was a member of the board of directors of his job’s credit union for about 20 years. And when I told my dad about it, he also told me that granpa was implied in a lot of other things like politics, church and such and that he was also on the board of directors of the credit union in his area. Since I was pretty young when he died, I was happy to learn more about him.
Last weekend, I cut my son’s hair. They were way too long. I like long hair but he doesn’t take care about it so he always looks like he just got out of bed. So I cut them. He didn’t know they would be THAT short. But he liked it a lot after all. And I think he looks more mature, I really like it!
Yesterday I went for a ride with my horse and there was a bunch of geese in the field. You can’t quite see it in the picture but they were really close to us. There’s a small lake on the left (not shown in picture) so I guess that it’s the perfect place for them.

Aaaaand those squash have showed their little nose this morning. I’m amazed by how fast it was. Yesterday, they were not there!!!
 photo sinature.png

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